Saturday, February 9, 2008

Baby Shower Thank-You Notes: How-To

I just had a baby shower given for me. I then realized that I have no idea how to write a proper baby shower thank-you note! I did some web searching and have found some resources that really helped me when writing my notes. Another tip that I came up with is to buy a pack of thank-you notes with a few more than the number you’ll need. It’s usually less expensive to buy in bulk, and it’s good to have a few extras in case you get a couple more gifts after the shower.

Here’s one question that I still have: do you send thank-you notes to immediate family? I don’t usually send thank-you notes to these people for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc., so are they usually sent for baby shower gifts? Let me know what you think!

Here are the links to the resources:

How to Write Baby Shower Thank You Notes (

Baby Shower Thank You Notes (Squidoo):

Sample Baby Shower Thank You Notes (


Anonymous said...

Everyone likes to get a thank-you note, even people you see everyday. Write the notes.

Baby Shower Favors said...

Cheer someone up who doesn't feel well. Wearing a flannel robe with hankie, and adorable fuzzy slippers, will be a companion in good times and bad.