Saturday, April 26, 2008

Vaccine Update - What's Up with HebB?

We decided to give Tristan all of his shots, but on a more spread out schedule. The doctor was very supportive of this. Of course, he said that there was almost no danger in getting them on the recommended schedule, he did that with his own kids, etc, etc, etc. But he said that it was my decision. He didn't pressure me either way, which was nice.

I'm still not sure that I want him to have the Hepatitis B shot. Why does he need this if he's just a baby? Is it okay to wait until he's older and more at risk? Does anyone know?

Thank you and have a good weekend!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Anxious About Going Back to Work After Baby

I was really anxious (and grumpy!) about going back to work after having our baby. However, I eased a lot of my tension (and improved my mood) by making a written schedule of what I would be doing and at what times at work. I really liked seeing it all written out, and the relief was almost immediate. I was really surprised that this helped so much. Just wanted to pass this along, and pose a question. How has scheduling helped you? Or, has it helped you?