Thursday, June 26, 2008

Make a Difference Now or Regret it Later: A Reflection on George Carlin and my Baby's Future

As I was playing with my baby boy recently, I began to wonder what the world would be like when he grew up. I thought about all of the things that are going wrong now (global warming, war, environmental pollution, toxins and unhealthy things in the foods we eat, a lack of personal responsibility, etc.). I'm speaking course of life in the United States, I know that it is not this way for all people. I thought about all of the times that I haven't recycled, everytime I didn't help a person in need, every time I put myself above what's best for the greater good, and I resolved to do better. I think that we have an obligation to make the world a better place for our kids, and if you don't think so, just wait until you have children! So, I'd like to advise you to start doing the right things NOW, don't wait until you have kids and regret all that you haven't done to make our world a clean, peaceful, and wonderful place for you child.

I was listening to a radio tribute to George Carlin (who I'm honestly not very much of a fan of) yesterday, and I thought that he made some great points in one of his performances. He basically stated that he found it presumptuous that people would try to "Save the Planet." He said that the planet has been here much longer than we have, and has been through a lot of turbulance. He said that the planet is going to be fine. People are the ones who are [BLANK]-ed. I think he's absolutely right, and I hope we can change this before it's too late!

"Better, tho' difficult, the right way to go,
Than wrong, though easy, where the end is wo."
- The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan

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