Friday, January 11, 2008

New: AspieMama's Links!

I've added a links section at the bottom of the main blog page. It has two sections: one for Asperger's Syndrome links, and one for parenting links. If I ever find any websites for parents with Asperger's, I'll add those too!


John Elder Robison said...

Welcome to the blog world. I started my own blogs just about a year ago today.

So you are a female Aspergian? That's somewhat uncommon, as I'm sure you know. Is your husband one too?

You might visit some of the blogs hosted by others who comment on my site . . . click their names to follow them. All in all they are a friendly bunch.

AspieMama said...

Thank you for your message!

Yes, I have found that being a female Aspergian is somewhat rare. It helps me that there are a couple in my family (I'm pretty sure), and I've met a few online. My husband does not think that he is, but we both have our quirks (in a good way).

I have enjoyed reading your blog, and I will take a look at the others that post on it.