Thursday, May 15, 2008

Top 10 Signs You're An Aspie Parent

I have a lot of funny and crazy things happen sinced my son was born, and they inspired me to write down my "Top 10 Signs You're An Aspie Parent." Yes, they are all based on personal experience! Enjoy!

Top 10 Signs You're An Aspie Parent

10. You have so many pets, that you need a "crib tent" to keep them out of the crib!

9. You consider wiping your arms, legs, and neck with a baby wipe to be an acceptable substitute for a shower.

8. Instead of wanting your child to be football quarterback, you're aiming for chess, math, or science club president.

7. You finally get a night out to have dinner with a friend, and your topic of conversation is, "So, what's your favorite way to generate electricity?"

6. Your baby's just a few months old, and you're already planning what he'll wear to the next Renaissance Festival.

5. Your spouse can dress your child in a more coordinated outfit than you've ever worn.

4. Forgot to write number four because I was distracted by something cool on the NASA channel.

3. You've read a Harry Potter book out loud to your baby.

2. Your baby is wearing mismatched socks, because you've lost pretty much one of each pair.

And the number one sign you're an Aspie parent is...

You love your child unconditionally and value his or her unique differences (whatever they may be).


d&g said...

hahah I laughed out at at number three. I am positive I have Asperger's Syndrome but have been reluctant to get a diagnoses.. I am also a student and parent of a 20 month old boy, and every night before I put him to sleep we read some HP.

Melody said...

LOL! Sorry, I happened upon this post while looking up "aspie parent." I can relate to so many of them. Except, for me, it wasn't the ren fair, it was an anime convention.

Anonymous said...

And you might be an aspie parent if you're not sure why those are funny because they're just the way things are :-)