Friday, May 2, 2008

It's Happened Again - Baby Taken Away From Spectrum Mom!

I previously blogged about a baby that was taken away from his family in the UK. Well, it has happened again, and this time in the United States. This is an absolute outrage, and has me again scared for me and my son!

Read the article here. Keep in mind that it is an opinion piece.

The transcript of the court decision (viewable here) states the following, "Common sense tells us, and the circumstances of this case it would clearly not be in [the child's] best interest to be removed from her foster home [meaning she would be returned to her parents]. Why is that? Because Ms. [name of mother] is diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder, not otherwise specified, PDD NOS."

While it does sound like this mother made some mistakes with regard to caring for her daughter (which we all do!), I am really concerned about the legal precident that this sets. What an outrage! I wish there was something I could do. If I find out someone to contact to send a complaint letter, I will let you know.

Please re-post this story to your blogs! This applies to parents of children with autism as well. You want your children to have the opportunity to be parents and have families!

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Anonymous said...

I have AS. I did great with 1 child. With 2 it is hard 2 focus on both. DFS took my boys. Now I am fighting to get them back.