Saturday, November 8, 2008

An Aspie Goes to Aerobics Class

I recently joined an aerobics class for babies and moms. As an Aspie who's a bit uncoordinated, this has been an interesting experience. It often seems that I have a difficult time following some of the instructor's demonstrations of different exercises. I have to watch her for longer than the other class members to be able to imitate the movement. Not sure if this has anything to do with Asperger's or not.

I am also horribly out of shape, so I am using the lightest resistance on the muscle exercises, often become worn out before the other members of the class. When we do walks around the area with our strollers, I am also often the last person to finish the lap.

However, I still feel great about myself for doing the class. Even though I'm almost always last, and I probably look goofy doing the exercises, I remind myself that I could just be sitting at home not exercising at all. This makes me feel like I'm not really finishing last at all.

I would really encourage you all to join a gym or exercise class. I think it's so easy for us Aspies to want to sit at home with our books, computers, video games, etc. But, it's very important to take care of your health. If joining a class or gym is not an option or is not appealing, there are a variety of exercise or yoga DVDs that you can do in your home.

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Becca said...

Hi, I would love to add your blog link to our blog if that's OK with you!

It is great to see how an Aspie does things as an adult. So much of Asperger's is described as a small child and you rarely see what happens in adulthood. I see it from my husband, but he was undiagnosed until they diagnosed my son!

That is so true the uncoordination and not wanting to get out because you'd rather sit at home with a book or computer. I wish my hubbie would get out more. My Aspie son we actually have in dance! So funny to put an Aspie in tap dance and ballet, but he is actually improving. You can tell there is a difference from the other kids, but it keeps him active, and I think he could get better.

AspieMama said...

Hi Becca, just saw this comment. Thanks for linking to my blog. I'll go check out yours now.

You identified one of the main reasons I had for starting this blog...there are so many more resources for children.

Thanks again!