Sunday, November 23, 2008

How does theory of mind relate to parenting?

I think I'm using the term theory of mind correctly. With the change of seasons, the weather has been getting much colder. I love the cold weather and have a very high tolerance for it. So, I am having to constantly remind myself that, although I don't feel cold, the baby probably is. I need to keep reminding myself to keep him dressed warmly. I feel like I've been successful with this (espcially since I can ask my husband what he thinks, as well as observe other babies in public to see how much they are wearing). I also keep extra socks and blankets in the diaper bag in case the weather changes or is not what I thought it would be.

I was just wondering if anyone else had issues with anything like this?

Thanks for reading, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!



Anonymous said...

I think everybody goes through this to some degree. You often hear that parents tend to actually OVERdress their babies, so even NT moms have a hard time knowing how their baby must feel.

I once stood behind a family with a newborn in line at a supermarket. The baby was in one of those infant carseats, and was completely covered in layers of blanket. And I mean COMPLETELY covered, even the head/face. I knew there was a baby in there because at one point the parents pulled the blanket back to give the baby a bottle. They held the bottle in the baby's mouth, then covered the baby's head--as it was eating--with the blanket again! Just because a baby is small doesn't mean it wants to be cooked like a Christmas ham!

One thing I kept telling myself when my kids were babies was this: they're just human, like me. They're not some alien creature with completely different needs. They're tiny humans, and they like and don't like most of the things I like and don't like. Of course, you have to make allowances for some of the baby stuff (they don't have teeth, don't have great temperature regulation yet), but overall they're like us. They don't like being too hot, they don't like being too cold, they don't like being too tired, they don't like being too hungry, and they don't like wearing wet pants.

AspieMama said...

Thanks for the great advice and observations! That's a good point about overdressing. Thanks for writing and I hope you have a Happy Thanksgivng if you celebrate it. :)

Anonymous said...

A tolerance of extremes of temperature is definitely an aspie trait. I have it too. It caused problems in the Marines because I wouldn't realise I was inadequately protected until I was six feet under.

AspieMama said...

Anonymous, thanks for your comment and your service in the Marines. I almost always go out of the house not dressed properly for the weather. Interesting...I never thought about it being related to Asperger's.

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

im dating someone with as .i have autism .i want to have a baby at some point .everyone say the baby could have autism or learing disiblty like me
is igt hard haveing autism an being a mom