Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Your Rights as a Voter with a "Disability"

Well, Tuesday is election day here in the United States. I'm frankly not totally happy with either major candidate. I've often thought of myself as half-Republican and half-Democrat, so that always makes choosing tough! :)

I've compiled a list of some resources to help voters with "disabilities." (I keep putting that in quotes, because I don't like to think of myself or others as "disabled").

http://www.arcofdentoncounty.org/images/ArcLetter1108.pdf (go to page 7 of this newsletter for the info).



So, go out there and vote. I will be hoping and praying that we make the decision that will allow us to make our country a more safe, yet free, place.



CS said...

What's wrong with having a disability?

AspieMama said...

Hi CS, I think that there's nothing wrong with having a disability! I guess I thought that's what I was saying in the post. I like to focus more on the Ability, and not dwell on the negative. Sorry if I offended. Thanks for writing.


Anonymous said...

Great information here for those still undecided:


CS said...

"not dwell on the negative" I don't consider my disability a negative. Anyway, I'm happy with how the election turned out and I think Obama was not only a great candidate, he was just about flawless.

AspieMama said...

I guess that's what I was trying to say...I don't view disabilities as negative, so I didn't even want to call them a disability? Maybe I'm just not going to be able to say this the right way. I hope it wasn't offensive to anyone.

I'm glad you're happy on how the election turned out. I'm still not quite sure how I feel. I'm a bit nervous about change in general, and that was Mr. Obama's big campaign slogan! So, we'll see how everything goes.

Thanks for writing everyone.