Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I've met my match..."outliteralled" by my husband!

I'm pretty sure that "outliteralled" is not a word, but what I mean is this. I've finally found someone who takes things more literally than I do. Here's our latest story.

We were walking in a mall with our baby in the stroller. My husband likes to walk much faster than I can keep up with, and was pusing the stroller. I wanted to put something in the stroller storeage basket, so I said, "Can I put this in the stroller, please?"

From way up ahead, he said back at me, "Sure, go ahead."

"Well, I can't reach the stroller when you're way up there."

"Oh, well you didn't say to come back or slow down."

I had figured he would assume that he needed to slow down so that I could catch up to him, and thus, be able to put my item in the stroller.

Just a reminder to those of you with Aspie husbands: say and ask for exactly what you mean! :)

Happy Thanksgiving again!



Becca said...

That's so funny and true. It kind of takes the fun out of a marriage though when you have to say exactly what you want your husband to get you for a holiday or go on a date or whatever. Not too many surprises.

AspieMama said...

Thanks for your comment Becca! If you're like me, though, you don't really like surprises. Of course, being surprised by a nice card or flowers occasionally would be nice! :)

Have a good day.

Sapphykins said...

To be honest I think it might be all men lol. I know my best friend is always desparing that she has to spell everything out in simple easy to digest sylables to her 'normal' boyfriend.
After four years I've just got into the habit of covertly aranging all suprises otherwise nothing would get done. My tip for suprises is get a friend you know knows you really well to organise all suprises.

Blessed be

Christina said...

this is sooo true hahahaha